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Prototype, Short Run, Infeed, Thrufeed Centerless Grinding

Triangle Grinding offers both in-feed and through-feed grinding on a multitude of high quality centerless grinders. Our professionally maintained grinders have been equipped with the latest in automation and CNC technologies. We frequently produce industry leading tolerances and quality. In fact our process have even been accepted by Timken, a leader in the bearing industry. We offer both large and small batch centerless grinding for whatever your needs are. Please contact us today for a consultation.

Prototype & Short Run Production

Triangle Grinding is happy to handle the prototyping process for any part. We have designated grinders that are used only for this purpose so that we can spend the time it takes to get your part right. Short run production is not a problem either. We can grind any volume of parts. From 20 to 20 million we have done it and want to start for you today.


In-Feed Grinding

In-feed centerless grinding is used to grind complex shapes. To begin in-feed grinding the workpiece is loaded into the grinder and the regulating wheel positioned. When the grinding is complete the workpiece is then removed from the same side that it entered. Triangle Grinding produces large and small batch production runs of high tolerance parts for the automotive, aerospace and government industries. We have proven results and can accommodate your needs whatever they may be. Call us today for more information on in-feed centerless grinding.


Through-Feed Grinding

Through-feed centerless grinding is used to grind perfectly cylindrical shapes. The process involves a piece of stock being continuously fed through the grinder. The workpiece is constantly advanced because the regulating wheel is canted away from the grinding wheel and thus controlling and regulating the rotation and feeding of the workpiece. Triangle Grinding produces some of the tightest tolerances in the industry. Call us today for more information on through-fee centerless grinding.


and Capacities

In-feed Grinding
Minimum in-feed diameter: .020 inch (.5mm)
Maximum in-feed diameter: 4.00 inch (100mm)
Maximum in-feed length: 6.00 inch (150mm)
Volume: 1 piece to 20,000 pieces
Material hardness: Up to Rc65
Thru-feed Grinding
Maximum thru-feed diameter: 4.00 inch (100mm)
Maximum thru feed length: 24.00 inches (600mm)
Volume: 1 piece to 20,000 pieces
Material hardness: Up to Rc65
Any type of material is acceptable.

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Sample Parts

Centerless Grinding-Automotive-Valving
Centerless Grinding-Automotive-U-Joints
Centerless Grinding-USA


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